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Kfir Moyal

Artist Bio

artist Kfir Moyal

Kfir Moyal is an internationally renowned pop artist celebrated for his mesmerizing crystal-encrusted paintings and silkscreen artworks. Born in Israel, Kfir’s artistic journey began at age 15 when he transformed a factory mirror into sparkling dust, creating a unique piece for his grandfather. This marked the start of his signature technique of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Kfir’s art took a significant turn with a Marilyn Monroe piece for his sister’s beauty salon, symbolizing beauty and prosperity. After his military service, he moved to Miami Beach, where he now runs the Kfir Moyal Art Gallery on Lincoln Road. His works, adorned with fine crystals, immortalize pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe, each piece crafted with meticulous detail.

Globally recognized, Kfir’s creations are sought-after collectibles, capturing the essence of the pop art movement. He has created pieces for high-profile personalities such as the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and Gloria Estefan. Beyond his art, Kfir actively supports charitable organizations, using his talent to make a positive impact. His latest achievement includes a certificate of recognition as an outstanding artist from Miami-Dade County Board Member Christian Cevallos.

Welcome to Kfir Moyal’s world, where every brushstroke and crystal pays tribute to the eternal allure of art and pop culture, preserving the legacy of icons in timeless beauty.

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