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Slava Kromsky

Artist Bio

Slava Kromsky

Slava Kromsky, born in 1978 in Moscow, Russia, is a contemporary sculptor and engineer renowned for his innovative use of recycled materials to create unique, expressive art pieces. After traveling extensively around the world, Kromsky moved to South Asia in 2012, where he continued to develop his artistic vision influenced by the diverse cultures and environments he encountered. His engineering background plays a crucial role in his work, allowing him to combine technical precision with artistic creativity.

His sculptures are characterized by the fusion of industrial aesthetics and intricate craftsmanship, resulting in pieces that capture the essence of both the mechanical and the human. Kromsky has exhibited his work in various galleries and art shows, gaining recognition for his ability to transform waste into captivating art forms. His sculptures serve not only as visual art pieces but also as commentaries on sustainability and the potential for beauty in discarded objects.  

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