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Batman Mini Robot

Slava Kromsky | Batman Mini Robot | Sculpture |

  • Description: This sculpture reimagines Batman, the iconic DC superhero, as a robot. Crafted from recycled metal parts, the figure features the recognizable elements of Batman’s suit, including the cowl and cape, but with a mechanical twist. Kromsky’s attention to detail is evident in the intricate assembly of metal components that form Batman’s muscular build and armor. The sculpture captures the essence of Batman’s imposing and powerful presence, blending the superhero’s dark, brooding aesthetic with industrial design.
  • Materials: Recycled metal.
  • Dimensions: Approximately 24 inches tall.
  • Notable Features: Detailed replication of Batman’s armor, mechanical joints, and the iconic cape. The use of recycled metal parts gives the sculpture a rugged, industrial look that complements Batman’s gritty persona. The dynamic stance and lifelike posture add to the figure’s dramatic and imposing presence.

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