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Marcus Botbol

Artist Bio

Marcus Botbol

Marcus Botbol was born in Meknes, Morocco, in 1957. At the age of seven, his family immigrated to Israel, settling in the vibrant, multi-ethnic city of Ramla. This colorful mosaic of cultures has been a major source of inspiration for Botbol’s creative work.

Marcus displayed artistic talent from an early age and is largely self-taught. In recent years, he studied under the renowned Israeli painter Moshe Gat to further refine his techniques. His mastery of color and composition highlights his originality and creative independence.

Botbol’s work is expressive, capturing the essence of everyday life scenes with a unique flair. His art ranges from vibrant market scenes and Mediterranean cafes to dynamic portrayals of musicians. Currently, he is transforming his cubist paintings into three-dimensional aluminum wall sculptures. These sculptures, painted in vibrant double-layered metal acrylics and coated in varnish, enhance the colorful compositions and bring his painted figures to life.

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