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Michal Hacham

Artist Bio


Michal Hacham, born in 1967 in Israel, is a distinguished artist whose journey in the arts began with honors from the Academy for the Teaching of the Arts. Following her graduation, Michal apprenticed with some of the region’s most renowned artists, culminating in her participation in a group exhibition at the Kibbutz Workshop in Tel Aviv in 1995.

Michal’s artistic journey commenced in 1994 with watercolor as her preferred medium. Even in her early works, viewers recognized her signs of genius and exceptional artistic talent. As her skills evolved, she expanded her repertoire to include acrylics and oils. These new mediums allowed her to simplify themes and reduce reality in her art.

Michal has a unique talent for using oils in her family portraits, personal themes, and subjects inspired by her home and surroundings. Her work expresses a profound love for humanity and nature, depicted in a direct and realistic style. Her mastery of color, whether in oil, acrylic, or watercolor, is evident in her confident brushstrokes and her internal sense of vision. Michal’s art radiates the joy and love she feels for her subjects.

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