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Oz El Hai

Artist Bio


Oz El Hai, born in Israel in 1976, has established himself as a professional painter since 1994. He is celebrated for his vibrant abstract art, captivating still-life compositions, landscapes, and the feminine form, all marked by his exceptional use of bold, rich, and energetic colors. El Hai’s work is deeply influenced by his warm, energetic, and positive nature, reflecting a unique artistic style. He employs original techniques using the palette knife and brushes to create magical presentations on various mediums, including canvas, paper, wood, and aluminum.

Each piece offers an intense yet tender experience, captivating the viewer’s imagination and emotion. His art is appreciated worldwide, being featured in numerous public and private collections as well as fine art galleries across the globe.

For more insights into Oz El Hai’s life, works, and artistic journey, you can visit the detailed profiles and collections at Chasen Galleries and Art Connection USA, as well as for an extensive biography and examples of his work.

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